I wonder how I taste

I wonder how I taste…

Today was an interesting day, but before I describe it, lets discribe one of our dive partners: Extreme Leeroy.

Extreme Leeroy is not the average diver, he is in a word insane. He dives many times alone, at night, in huge swell surounded by sharks and dosent even budge, but he is a real lone ranger, goes out alone and dosent stick with the group, he is not easily scared.

So the (free dive[only wetsuit, gun, floater, weight belt, fins, mask and knife]) dive at Ala Moana started as usual, it was sunny, beautiful and warm, except for one thing, as we were taking our gear out, the wind blows the door and smacks another car. We quickly re-park, but something was off, a bad omen.

Extreme Leeroy didn’t even wait for us, he was already far in to the dive, so we scrambled down the slippery steps to a boat channel, where para-sailing boats speed by all the time. As it was clear, we swim with all our speed across it, to the boye and get in to the water.

There is three of us me, my freind Kaipo and his brother, and well… in the distance, Leeroy. The dive was going as normal, three of us swiming side by side, and Leeroy in the distance, I look over and see Kaipo’s brother dive in for a shot following a nice sized Uhu. Suddenly behind him, I see a shark cruising in at his blind spot. This little fellow: A gray reef shark.

I quickly tap Kaipo and give him the shark signal which is an open palm penpendicular to your forhead to represent a fin. Kaipo spots it, but his brother is not within his reach, and he dosent see it. So Kaipo dives right after him, speargun ready, this apperantly spooked the shark and it high-tailed out of there. We swam to Leeroy to warn him, but as Leeroy is, he just said “Ah, its probobly a small reef shark, don’t worry.”

So our dive countinued as before, Extreme Leeroy somewhere in the distance doing his own thing. And then as a am going in to a dive I hear a scream “mmmarrk mmark!” What the hell is a mark? I wonder. I surface and see Leeroy screaming in the distance: “Shark! Shark! Big ****ing Shark!”" Now to get Leeroy scared is tough, even by sharks, so if he is scared, its time to get the hell out of the water. We drop all our fish, and start swiming for the exit, which is about 20 min away. Leeroy, still proving he is crazy, decides to take his fish with him, jepordizing everyone’s safty. We got out of the water okay, dodgin the boat channel again (I hate that thing). And get out, luckely we are all okay, still, 2 sharks in one day. We later figure out that the second shark was a 10 foot Tiger Shark… this baby:

Here is a few little fun facts about a tiger shark:
[]Undoubtedly the least discriminative** all species**, the tiger shark has a reputation as an animal that will eat almost anything
]The tiger shark’s highly serrated teeth combined with the saw-like action from shaking the head back and forth allows it to tear chunks from much larger marine animals
[*]Interestingly, it is not uncommon to find objects of human origin in this animal’s stomach (interesting huh?)
[/list]Oh christ, and the greatest thing is my team is going to dive there again tomorow, I cant let them down as it will be very dangerous for them to go one man short… oh the fun times…

O man that sounds like one awesome adventure. If I were living in hawaii I think the last thing on my mind would be using a computer. Shame on you for telling us this great story instead of reminissing on the beach with a couple of mai tai’s. lol

Btw I’m really jealous that you live in an area where the diving is awesome. I flunked out of a diving course because one of my teeth cracked at 25 feet deep. I’ve never felt so much pain. I didn’t get a refund and I’m just a little bit afraid something similiar would happen next time.

great story :slight_smile: i’m glad everyone made it out safely

i wish i had cool stories to tell like that…


:skull: :pirate3: :skull: oh how brave you are RB… :skull: :pirate3: :skull:

Thats cool, and I thought I was bad by touching one of the Mini Mantas on its back at the local fish pettery thingy place…
Thats a cool story :smiley:

Very cool! Sounds like a ton of fun!

Did you know that more people are hurt by buckets (200,000 per year) then sharks?

That statistic is misleading. How many people deal with buckets? Nearly everyone in the civilized world. How many people deal with sharks? Not many. Therefore there is a higher percentage hurt by sharks. Same with the statistics about dogs, pigs, etc.

to answer your question:
you taste like chicken (human meat tastes very similar to chicken)

and before anyone asks:
no, I am vegetarian

I was gonna name my son “Supreme” but I guess “Extreme” also sounds good.

Awesome story. =)

Great story RB. I would have definitely freaked out, and I hear sharks prefer Indian food over Russian food :stuck_out_tongue:

I was attacked by a bucket 200,000 times. What can I say - buckets don’t like me.

hahah, I was pretty scared! I think me sh**ting my pants scared them off! Biological Warfare baby!

heheh… Ironicly I just found out the spot we dove is called: Panic Point.

Wow RB, thats so ironic!

Great story too!

Good news RB! Researchers have found a sharp repellent that works: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/ID/5560773/

I mean, look at the realistic, full-size, non-artificial, shark in the picture. It is upside down with its mouth open after having that green stuff sprayed!

Not sure if they are selling the stuff yet, but here is the link for it http://www.sharkdefense.com/ :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ll be the coolest surfer ever carrying your surfboard one side and a small canister off green goo on the other :cool:

ahhh but the shark repeller from sharkdefense.com only works on four species so far

Carribean Reef Shark
Blacknose Shark
Lemon Shark
Nurse Shark

So you have to wait until they get close enough to determine species. If it’s one of these then your cool. If it’s not…ehm…you’re dinner.

By the way I can’t wait to see them test it against Great White’s, spray the repellent and then vote who’s going in the tank to see if it worked :wink:

Would you seriously trust stuff made by these guys:


04 / 14 / 03 : … why am i so delicious?