Idea to create new sarch engine

Our project:

The main idea of this project is further development and promotion of a specialized search engine of entertainment direction, targeted at the whole Russian-speaking Internet segment. (
The main service - search - is complemented by a series of additional services (dating, email, blog services, chats etc.) which leads to a creation of an Internet portal.

The main source of income of this portal is selling of contextual and media advertising to
the owners of entertainment websites and paid services (billboards, additional paid options
in blog services and chats, etc.) We run our own contextual advertising network

Currently the website is visited by about 17,000 unique visitors a day. The number of active
(paying) advertisers exceeds 1000.
The number of active affliate partners exceeds 1000. The size of the audience and the number of advertisers is stably increasing for approximately 5% a month.

Our team:

Our team is a united group of highly qualified specialists, each of which is
successful in their business. Many years of team work experience and friendly
relationships between the team members are a guarantee of their future stable work.
The company leaders - Evgeny Ageenko and Vitaly Semenov - are highly experienced in
successful promotion of Internet resources.

Company management is able to work full time for this project for the next few years, because for them this project is the most promising investment of their efforts and skills.

Competitive advantages:

In terms of attracting audience:

  • entertainment specialization;
  • high quality of search results built into the system algorithm
  • the best name for a search engine in Russian Internet -
  • own contextual advertising network

Amount of finances requested:

For the next stage of our search engine development $100,000 is needed. This money will be spent on:

15% - software development
65% - advertising
20% - hosting and maintenance

From our partner we would like to get not only financing but also a proportional contribution into the project development. Hence an IT company with understanding of Internet project development may become our partner. This minimizes the risks of possible conflicts inside the team.

Scenarios of investor’s exit:

After 2-3 years the investor will be able to sell his share to other strategic investors such as:

  1. investment funds
  2. large media companies

After receiving and using the investment the project will cost about $3,000,000.
Currently we estimate the market value of the project as $1,000,000.

For the realization of the project we need your investment, the form and conditions of which may become a subject on negotiations.

Evgeny Ageenko
Search engine, LLC
Email: [email protected] ,