i have been thinking of a way to get this place more active.(than it already is)

Kirupa- is there a feature for a mass email all of your members? i was thinking that some people could of lost this site, and want to come back.

This just might bring more people here.

just a thought,
i will try to think of more cool things to add to the discussion. :geek: :beam:

When I get mass e-spammed, I’m going to trout you to death alex.

There is a feature - I might use that, I don’t know…

perhaps rather than a blanket email thingy to all you could kill two birds with one stone by compiling a list of innactive names ::

lessThan or equal to ‘XnumOf posts’… of names older than (¿3 months?)

and ask them to reply to keep / or lose the registration of said name

(…we’re cleaning house and haven’t heard from you for awhile…)

Alex = Bad

RelandR = Good

ppl hate spam.

Reland - an even better idea. Sintax, that is why I have never made use of that feature except once when the forums were switched to :slight_smile:

*Originally posted by sintax321 *
**Alex = Bad

RelandR = Good

ppl hate spam. **


it would be just sent to the inactive members…

you wouldnt get it.

it was just an idea in the making…:sigh:

[size=1]pssst…Alex … quick - go edit to insert >>“inactive” b’tween>> ‘all of your’ & ‘members’[/size]

:wink: jK…

I’m sure you were thinking that same thing and just forget to spit it out =)

*Originally posted by Alex *
**Kirupa- is there a feature for a mass email all of your members? **

You got to be clear. This would also take care of a common problem though. It would give ua chanceto free up some names. Give ppl on the inactive list a month or two to respond. Then you cna start to eliminate some of used names.

i think we should do relands idea. cause i dont see any e-mails that come to my box via here cause its a new dummy account that i dont use (so spammed out, like 100-200 spams daily.)

the idea of freeing up some names sounds good to me.

but htey have to be warned…