Ideal Movie Size-What is it?

I am making a site I wish to make chromeless and would like it to come up the same in most if not all browsers. The first movie I made (without using chromeless) was perfect in my monitor but my roomies 19 inch it had a big space at the bottom because I didn’t make the movie the right size. So, what is the proper size to make a movie so when you remove borders and/or make it chromeless, it will work on all systems the same?


I think there’s an option when you publish your page, something to do with the HTML settings at 100 %. Does this even closely answer your question ? It’s late here, and I can’t read so well any more.


Not really. The movie itself is 550wide, 325 height. I think thats the problem. Even when it opens up in chromeless, in netscape, it was showing that ‘missing’ bottom, perhaps the movie should have been defaulted at 500 x 400? Is that enoguh information for you to give a intelligent response?
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a ratio of 6/8 generaly works best for 90% of web viewers.

Out of experience I need to ask first. 6/8 of what? 550x400? And then do I publish at 100x100 percent?

The very worst resolution anybody’ll use is 800 X 600, but most people use 1024 X 768. I believe it’s these dimensions to which he is referring.

yes… a RATIO of 8 width, by 6 height, will produce the optimal reduction in distortion when using percentage heights and widths on any monitor.

I work at 1245 by something… it’s very small. When I make a Flash production I usually have the stage set to 800/600. When I publish, I do so to a 100% width and height.

So, at 1024/768, it looks fine. However… 99% of my productions are vector based… which is why it looks ok.
It doesn’t look as good with raster images. If you use a lot of rasters, then the optimal production size would be what ever you want, as long as you keep in mind that a majority of surfers are still viewing things at 800/600. I believe that statistic still holds true, though, admitedly I have not looked at the sats in about a year.

either way, it’s an 8/6 ratio