What do you think the average Screen size for a movie should be?

Hi, uptill now all the Flash work i’ve done, i’ve always know it to be appearing within a certain size and resolution

i.e. 800 x 600 in a 1024 res screen (its been for work private presentations)

I am now doing my own project for the web (none of my work has ever made it onto the web?).

what is you opinion on the average size for a movie (i.e. most user friendly)

I believe it to be 800x600 (so it still would fit into the lowest denominator size of 800x600 resolution ) ?




I agree, the info I’ve found on the web suggests that 800x600 is the best screen size, in anycase I always ensure that the settings in the flash publish dialogue box are set to scale to prevent crappy scroll bars

Well, you don’t really need a movie of 800x600, but it depends on if you’re going to open it in a popup window (with the size of the movie), or in a regular browser window. If it is a personal website, i would recommend a resolution maybe 640x480 or 700x400, in a popup window. You choose.

DONT DO 800 x 600!!! Most people have their screens set at this resolution, if your Flash movie is 800 x 600 that would make it full screen… something that is EXTREAMLY annoying, I dont know many people that enjoy full screen sites. It is really a matter of opinion, but I’d say there is pretty much a concensus on the anti-fullscreen thing.


If you’re doing a movie keep it in a small resolution. Some slow computers can handle full screen movies.

Yeah, well if you make it 800x600 it will be more than full screen. You have to factor in the taskbar at the bottom of windows systems and at the top of Mac systems. This will make people have to drag your window around or scroll.

I would say don’t go past 700 in width and 500 in height. Give 100px leeway at least so it is capable on use of all monitors. I don’t recommend auto scaling to fit the window as this causes distortion, pixelation in imported images and in some cases…lagging.