If you had unlimited time...

…to refactor/improve/etc. an EXISTING project that you have worked on, what would you do?

Mine would be to migrate all of the site’s contents to a Jekyll-based build system with all content living in Github as markdown files.


A web-based drawing/compositing animation tool. I’ve started a few here and there, or toyed with ideas that could be used in one, but never went anywhere with them.

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I don’t know what I would do, but that’s how I would feel.


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Can you please contact https://spiritapp.io/ and help him finish that endeavor. It seems to be stuck in limbo for a long duration now and never made it to the app stage as intended from all I can tell. Looked so promising.

What did you have in mind?

I would step away from the computer / connected technology all together and cycle across the USA, Canada and then Europe.

:earth_americas: :bike:

But if I am limited to working on projects existing, I would use the time to realize so many random concepts and ideas for things that [sadly] remain at the idea stage, etc., – Apps, Games, Extensions, Physical Goods , Art, Etc.,

I’d need unlimited time to figure that part out :wink:


Funny @senocular :smile:

:crazy_face: Oh snap, I just looked at his twitter and it says:

“The private beta will start on halloween for subscribers only” @ https://spiritapp.io/

Yippie, looks like it was not dormant and being developed after all.

Awesome, I am gonna go binge eat some candy to celebrate.

It seems like it takes unlimited time for me to finish school…