What are your work/project/design/etc. resolutions for 2017?

Mine is to be less lazy about answering this question. I’ll keep updating this list shortly :stuck_out_tongue:

Focusing primarily on KIRUPA:

  1. Format all code snippets using prismJS
  2. Send a newsletter out at least twice a month
  3. Write at least one article (or record a video!) a week
  4. Try not to ignore Twitter and Facebook for long periods of time.
  5. Fix the bunch of mobile site issues that keep re-occuring

Traffic and engagement are the primary ways I would measure the success of all of this. Traffic to the site has doubled year-over-year, and I hope to continue that…if not increase that :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Kirupa :smile:

I’ve been doing and failing at protein engineering. I resolve to make it work!

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5120 × 2880. After I saw one of my current monitors being used as an old-relic-from-the-past prop in Westworld, I decided I needed to recycle them all and get new ones.

It turns out that 5K support is kind of a mess, though. Thunderbolt 3 can send two DisplayPort 1.2 streams to assemble a 5K stream, but, bafflingly, it doesn’t support DP 1.3, which was standardized in 2014 and can do 5K60.

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I’ll be trying to complete a vehicle restoration while performing a motor swap on another.

That and perhaps starting a family. Nothing really tech-related, haha.

I would like to get my hands on one of those 5k displays some day! Not this year though.

I upgraded from 1080 to a 27inch QHD as my main monitor about a year ago, it really made my desk a better place to be. I want to say i only paid like $250 on amazon. I suppose a 4k screen is probably my next affordable step up

I have been entertaining the idea of making a quick video tutorial on my unprofessional work flow using some completely free game creation tools and assets for 2D. I dont really have time so i probably never will but it would be something like:

mixamo/fuse characters >blender > png sequence > sprite sheets
Bitmat font generator, starling, feathers, AIR, flash develop… other free 3d assets

The free 3d assets are key. So many free animations already done

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After being frustrated with every reference manager I can find, I think I might learn C# and develop a UWP app.

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I think you just explained why people who publish in CS tend not to use reference managers. Besides ARC or GC. :upside_smile:

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Haha, it took me some googling before I got that :wink:

It took so long I started working on your tombstone!

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Thanks for the help on that one!

I have a branch of an automation library (nightwatch) that I never finished that I need to get back to working on. It refactors/rewrites much of its test method/hooks calling mechanism fixing a bunch of problems it has there. The problem is: I put a lot of work into it already, there’s still a lot of work yet to be done, the changes involved are likely to cause some big backwards compatibility issues, and the maintainer (just one) of the library isn’t big on bringing in a lot of changes, especially big, confusing, backwards-incompatible ones, all of which this one is (but it fixes like 30 open issues!).

If/when I ever get that done, I’d like to work on something for myself, something I haven’t done much of recently. I was thinking maybe some kind of simple web-based animation tool (not far out of line with what kirupa has been doing lately!).

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Unprofessional / unconventional workflows are the best kinds of workflows! :stuck_out_tongue: You should totally do a video on that.

Sen - a web-based animation tool sounds really nice! To be fair, I’ve actually never worked on a web-based animation tool. My animation tooling days are about 3 years behind me. It all ended when my team decided to focus on cross-platform iOS / Android / Windows tools instead :slight_smile:

I was thinking more about the web animation side of things, not so much tooling :wink:

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Wait so i dont understand from that last comment, u are thinking of making a tool, or somethibg else?

It does sound like a fun idea, like a mini simple web based future wave like tool. Export animated gifs or something.

But with apes. Because people like apes

yeah. Something simple, probably not very practical.

Im interested. I mean ill sit back, watch and contribute nothing but i would like to see it.

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I actually do have a real goal for this year of working on this project i started so so long ago. I was heavily in to it “recently” with a rutine something like after work daily mon-thurs, pass out, work friday, pass out, then project all weekend. My brother came to visit from California so i put it down for the week to get super drunk all that time, obviously.

Anyway big mistake

Just started back in to it a week ago. Last file i worked on is dated February 2016!

So i cant say i have an end goal planned. But somehow i want to set a goal to keep doing something, anything, and not let more than a frw days pass or else im doomed. Otherwise im very excited to jump on it every day