If you were hired to work for a big Flash production studio

what specifically things would you need to know how to do in Flash interface designing and Flash actionscripting? What certain tasks would you do the most in a collaborative project?

From my latest solo projest, I’ve learned the following:
[]A customizable design for a preloader,
]A dynamic textfield that displays information from an external txt file
[]The principle of breaking up an entire Flash site into external swfs that can load up via frame command or button/movieclip command
]Creating different shapes of masks and understanding how I can use them in a design, for example creating the popular mask effect of animated a large graphic inside a movie clip without the viewer seeing the edges of the graphic itself.
[]Minimizing the need for importing actual jpgs and gifs into a Flash movie when some images can be easily created in Flash
]Animated button rollovers can be achieved in two ways: a movieclip embedded in the “Over” state of a button, or the button can have a line of actionscript that “calls” the rollover from a external movie clip
[]Using semi-invisible buttons and layering them on top of text that shouldn’t be broken up (because when you break up text inside of a button it looks distorted)
]Loading an external jpg into Flash (but not a gif yet)[/LIST]

I’m not sure if you’re asking for what we would/can do, or whether you are capable, based on your list, I assume the later.

It depends on the company and what they are doing. Generally they will take a look at your previous work and decide if you have the level of skills they require.

From what you have said, you would probably not be good enough for a Flash studio (specializing in flash dev), however you would probably have the skills for web design with flash elements (or even small-med full flash sites).

I think it would be useful to know SQL/XML integration, at least a moderate level of AS(at least being able to decipher complex code) and the ability to design with modularity. Being able to step into any role in a project will give you a great advantage.

production studio, eh?
you must learn more than that:) get actionscript knowledge and learn how to integrate other applications with flash. xml/mySQL knowledge would be good too. if you want to mae applications, learn OOP too. it would help a lot. just my 2cents:)

2 cents? -“I said a dollar b *tch!” heheheh - some adam sandler movie- i think :stuck_out_tongue:

couldn’t resist