Illegal, you be the judge

Isn’t this s**t illegal and if not, why not :h:

E-mail: **********

Dear Friend,

First, I must solicit your confidence in this transaction which by the
virtue of its nature requires top most confidentiality and Trust. I am
aware that a proposal of this magnitude can make anyone apprehensive
and worried but I can assure you that all is well and that there is no
need for doubts. It is clear that I am not known to you hence this little
introduction. The reason for this letter is that your help is being
sought in order to facilitate and successfully complete a profitable
venture that is of immense benefit to you, and us the originators within a
stipulated time frame.

I am Dr. David Wokomah, the Special Adviser To President Olusegun
Obasanjo on Petroleum Matters. This profitable venture involves the sum of
US$6,500,000.00 (Six Million,Five hundred thousand United States
Dollars) which is presently in an account of the NNPC with the Apex Bank in
Nigeria, the Central Bank.

This is an over-invoiced contract sum executed by a German Contractor
in 1996,but has since been paid

Contract: Supply,Installation and MaintenanceOf Coaxial
cables In Porthacourt,

                         Kaduna and Warri Refineries.                             

Contract Number: NNPC/PHCR,KR,WR/PED/FGN/96/WR

Contract Amount: US$56,556,000.00(Over-Invoiced)

As a routine in a currupt society, The President demands and
“Arbitrary” US$100,000.00 Dollars as Gratification before the final approval of
contract fund should be endorsed by him.To this end,We have
successfully obtained all the neccessary documents through Government agencies
involved and the required amount of money.(US$100,000.00).We need your
help as a foreign partner to provide us with Bank Account into which this
Thirty-six Million Dollars should be paid in. We will also send you the
US$100,000.00 to pay into the President’s Foreign Bank Account since we
can not make this payment directly to him in order to make our
transaction more Genuine.

We cannot make this transfer on our own or in our names for the fact
that we are civil servants (still in active service) and all eye are on
us as a public servant. But, you as a foreigner can assist us in the
sense that the money to be transferred will be paid to you as a contract
entitlement for a purported contract executed for my government. The
money in question is ready for transfer into an overseas account which we
expect you to provide.

We have agreed that the money will be shared according to the ratio
stated below ;
a) 5% of the money will go to you for acting as the beneficiary of the
b) 94.5% to us originators (which if possible we may enter into a
partnership with you.
c) 0.5% for your expenses in providing the foreign Bank Account which
should be sent to you upfront together with the US$100,000.00 amount.

We will require from you:

a) Name and address of Company or Beneficiary.
b) Details of the account which you are the only signatory that the
money will be transferred into.
The above requirement is to legalize the claim for payment and transfer
of the money to your account. Be informed that the reason we are
sending you this letter is because we know that the only way to succeed is to
seek the help of a foreigner. Your professional status is not a matter
of hinderance in this transaction. Please, your assistance is highly
solicited. We have no doubts at all that this money will be released and
transferred if we get the necessary foreign partner to assist us in
this deal.

Thanks in anticipation of your urgent reponse!

Dr. David Wokomah

Yeah right pal, don’t hold your breath waiting for my urgent response :wink:

I get several of these per day! I think we should keep a running tally of the various scam messages similar to what you posted in this thread (it’ll give the spambots someone else’s e-mail address to harvest for a change) :stuck_out_tongue:

Well it really depends. I have seen this sc/spam message a few times although stopped receiving it after a little while. I would think that this is illeagal i mean think about it, impersonating a doctor, and scamming you out of money.

It has been going on for so long how that i doubt they could trace it even if they wanted to…

I haven’t had my Yahoo account long but I’ve been hit with a large amount of spam so far. However my previous account was with a smaller e-mail provider called PostMaster…I take it these kind of idiots target the bigger e-mail providers like Yahoo & Hotmail all the time. I mean who would fall for these things…Sure thing doc, here’s my bank account and address, please rob me blind doc, rob me blind :smiley:

Glad to see you got my message Rabell. :lol:

My parents own a business and people tried almost the exact same letter via snail mail about 10 years ago. This is old-school yo!

hahahaha. bet a doller some one has feel for this scam at lest once. there has got to be some one


//oftopic…rabbell, what happend to zoidberg?

:lol: :smiley: :smiley: :hugegrin:

I try to make a theme out of the avatar, signature and the little message beneath your name. Like when I had Homer the signature was a homer quote and so was the message beneath my name however with Zoidberg I couldn’t find any good quotes that didn’t make sense unless you saw that episode…So I decided to use Batman which I think is a better image…hey thanks for noticing by the way :thumb:

uhmm…anyway anyone else any of these spam mails that were a bit more original :h:

Ok - I’m gonna post the ones I get everyday. I figure since they post their e-mails, it would be nice to give the spambots some other e-mail address to harvest besides ours :slight_smile:

Dude, there is a whole website dedicated to mess with these scammers! (google it) ITs tons of fun.

So that’s what Murphy Brown has been up to :stuck_out_tongue:

From the desk of:
Dr. Murphy Brown,

Special adviser to Pre. Charlse Taylor,
Email: [email protected]
Tel No:+31-622087218,

Attn: Managing Director,
Dear Sir/Madam,


After due deliberation with my Uncle , I have decided to forward to you this business proposal. We want a reliable person who could assist us to transfer the sum of Twenty Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars ( $20,500,000 ) into his / her account . My proposal to you will be very surprising, as we have not had any Personal contact before. However, I sincerely seek your confidence in this Transaction, which I propose to you as a person of transparency, honesty and high caliber.

Let me first start by introducing myself properly to you, my name is DR MURPHY BROWN, Special Assistant to President Charles Taylor, the Former President of Republic of Liberia. As you may want to know and to make you less curious, I got your address from adverts in the business directory that portrayed your establishment in good light. I apologize if I have infringed on your privacy.

You may know that My Uncle President Charles Taylor is Presently facing serious, Opposition from the LURDS Army (Liberia United for the Restoration of Democracy), The security and safety of my uncle is not guaranteed following serious support given to the rebels.

My Uncle is seriously scared of this development, he does not want to suffer the experience of our Former president, Sergeant Samuel Doe who died in the hands of Price Yomi Johnson Who brutally massacred Samuel Doe, this was as a result of support the rebel had from foreign countries at that time.

Based on these developments, the various foreign banks Account of my Uncle is already being investigated and that of Switzerland has already been frozen. In view of this very unpleasant development the sum of $20.5Million dollar has been Secretly moved to a private security vault for safekeeping.

My Uncle Mr Charles Taylor is Presently in Nigeria for asylum, he has confided in me With this task of seeking a very reliable and honest person that Will receive this Fund into his/her account for the future Survival of him and his family since he cannot presently deposit Or transfer the fund on his name or that of his family members Name due to the present situation in our country. He may likely Face war -crime charges as declared by the United Nations in Respect of his alleged involvement in civil war in Sierra-Leone.

This money arose from various compensation he received from the Companies that were involved in the sale of rubber, timber and Mining sale of diamonds. He has instructed me that whomever that comes to our assistance should be compensated with 20% commission While 5% should be set aside to defray any expenses incurred by both parties.

The 75% will be for My Uncle Charles Taylor, as the Principal owner of the Fund Part of his share will be invested in your country in any venture with your advice. Consequent upon your acceptance of this proposal, kindly confirm your interest by Email OR. Your indication by revert Telephone to me of your sincere and serious interest will enable me fax you the PROCEDURE FOR OPERATION If my line is busy, please keep trying you will surely get through.

NOTE: In the event of your inability to handle this transaction please inform me so that I can look for another reliable person who can assist in this respect. It might surprise you why I choose you and trusted you for this transaction. Yes, I believe that good friends can be discovered and business like this can not be realised without trust. This is why I have decided to trust you for this transaction. you are further informed that every ones interest and security had been considered before you were contacted, so be rest assured and feel free to go into this transaction with us. But let Honesty and Trust be our watchword throughout this transaction and your prompt reply will be highly appreciated.


[size=4]Dr. Murphy Brown.[/size]

NB: Please send your response to [email protected].

All the spam I recieve now is in Russian. And I’m not even partially russian, nor do I speak it :sigh: So far I think I’ve recieved something about perfume, and pyramid schemes.

I’ve recieved letters like this before. One of them asked me to help a cancerous boy in, I don’t remember, far away.

They do make their scams seem very legit though. People who don’t know any better can easily fall into those traps. Those letters are written well, and all of the “what-ifs” that I can come up with are already answered such as how they found out about me, why they need my help, etc.


I’ve gotten a few of those. Also lots of viruses from somenumbers"***".

Anyone else get those?

Oh my god I just won 2 million euros in a lottery I didn’t enter

All I have to do is send them 100 euros and they’ll send me my cash. How can I refuse :wink: