Illustration Site - Dynamic Text Blur Problem

Hello Flash Friends,

I’m looking for help with the dynamic text on this site, which promotes my illustration work. Specifically, the long black descriptive text in the upper right, that loads in dynamically with each image. Here’s the site:

I’m using a pixel font, at the proper size, and the MC that contains the movie clip for the text is on exact integer X and Y positions.

I’m using the same font for the other dynamic text on the page (button text, image title), but the effect is not visible (or less noticeable) because that text is shorter. However, because the image description is longer, and wraps to multiple lines, the effect becomes more visible as the text goes on - notice it’s not really distorting more line-per-line as it is word-per-word.

Normally I’d look into the tracking of the text, but because it’s dynamic text I can’t seem to adjust that.

Comments or critiques on the site overall are welcome, but any assistance in fixing this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,


Try to put some anti-alias on it…