Need to get rid of blurred text

Hi All,\rI have a text paragraph in flash. the font is 12, times new roman.\rwhen i create this movie and load it on the web, i see the text to be sort of blurred. its not as bright as i see in the .swf or .fla.\rplease help.thanks\r

Hey gundu,\rTry the following steps to remove blurred text.\r1.)Click the Text tool icon.\r2.)Select the Text Options panel. You will see a drop-down menu. Select Dynamic Text.\r3.)Draw your text box with the Text tool you selected from Step 1.\r4.)Input the text like you would for text. \r\rNow, when you preview the text, you will notice that it does not get anti-aliased. It stays in its standard Windows 12pt size and formatting. Pretty cool!

thanks a lot kirupa. that really helped. but have another problem. I have the same dynamic text on the button.\rSay, I created a button using a rectangle, and a text. \r\rwhile scrolling down i didn’t see the text changing to another color. But if i change the text to static, it does. \rHaving the dynamic text, its not acting like button.\rplease suggest!!\rthanks\r

Hey gundu,\rTry using a bitmap font instead of the dynamic text method. Visit the following URL: (click on fonts to download a bitmap font.) They are a little large on the file size, but once the fonts have been loaded, the visitor won’t have to worry about loading them again.

Kirupa, \rI downloaded the fonts from the above said website but unable to use in flash. Can you help me by giving directions like how to bring the font to flash and write my test using those fonts. I downloaded kroeger adn hodge.\rPlease do help.\rThanks

Hey gundu,\rDid you install the fonts into your Windows\Fonts folder? Go to C<img src= ALT=":"> Windows\Fonts in Windows Explorer. Go to File | Install New Font. Browse for the new font you downloaded and select Install or OK. The font will now be installed. Flash should display the appropriate font!