Illustrator export problem

No matter how i configure the export options for swf export, i cant get it to export the file with all the lines and gradients showing. Why is this and how can i fix it.

Thanxs in advance for the help.

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So you are exporting from Flash to illustrator? Or the other way, Illustrator to Flash?

illustrator to flash

why don’t you export as jpg or png and then import into flash

some complex gradients do not convert well from illustrator to flash, personally i dont know why it should have a problem, but it does, maybe try illustrator to fireworks then to flash (mm programs seems to understand each other a little better :sigh:.). If this is not possible well a quick fix would be to make the image a bitmap.

or you can try to recreate the gradient in flash.

instead of illustrator to flash, do illustrator to freehand. that’s what I have to do quite a few times, because although illustrator can export to swf and you can copy and paste into flash (which you may want to try too) freehand and flash just luv each other more.

Yes, Illustrator to Freehand to Flash. Since Adobe and Macromedia are enemies, this method is how I always move complex vectors around. (simple shapes copy/paste fine between AI and Flash, but fancier ones need Freehhand to mediate)