Illustrator - Mononoke Hime

Just watched Princess Mononoke a few days back, and so decided to use some images from there for some illustrator practice (haven’t actually touched it for a quite a few months)

need some comments before i start colouring it…let me know if you think anything looks funny.

for a start, i think the fur of the headgear that she’s carrying in her right hand is abit too fluffy, what do you guys think? had some trouble with this part.

still have some touching up to do, but thought i might as well get some pointers first.:slight_smile:

:smiley: asphalt you found the image i used as reference. i meant to post it up later along with another image i used and the coloured version.

hm ok, i’ll go join those anchor points. and yea, the left foot does look funny, but it is indeed because it’s not coloured (if you’ll look at the picture i used as reference you’ll know what i mean).

…i always have trouble with eyes…

ok then, thanks alot all for the comments…i’ll get started on the colouring sometime soon :slight_smile:

very cool drawing.

ok…done with the colouring! here it is, please give me your feedback so that I may be able to improve :slight_smile:

edit: whoops sorry, wrong version…uploading the latest one now, also took the liberty to add in xxviii’s remarks, thanks

edit edit: new version uploaded

Get rid of the thick black lines around those triangles on her face. There is way too much going on in the face, it’s sort of hard to see what’s goin on.

Yeah, maybe make some of the lines a different thickness, that might work to make things clearer. :slight_smile:

What did you use to colour it? :slight_smile:

agreed - the face lines are far too thick - in fact, I’m inclined to say they shouldn’t be there at all. as I said in my earlier post - you need to vary some of the line widths to give it more depth - thick lines tend to bring an object or section of image out - so outlines or where two different objects/materials overlap, in theory, there should be thicker lines.

bah, you beat me to it kit :stuck_out_tongue:

oh, and I think the mouth and nose lines are too thick as well

hm ok, i forgot about asphalt’s earlier comments about the thickness of the lines :-\ i’ll keep that in mind when doing my next image, thanks :slight_smile: (or if i manage to edit this one)

kit, i used photoshop to colour :slight_smile: i’m going to try illustrator some other time, soon i hope (now i just gotta practice the pen tool after not using it for so long)

*Originally posted by asphaltcowboy *
bah, you beat me to it kit :stuck_out_tongue:
Mwa ha ha! :slight_smile:

Looks great men and yes take off those lines in the triangule on the face.

Do you use illustraitor for painting?

*Originally posted by hsadan *
**kit, i used photoshop to colour :slight_smile: **

:stuck_out_tongue: yep, i used photoshop to paint it…paint and colour are the same thing. . … right?

*earlier i had some trouble uploading the latest version, still new to this freepichosting thing…but it’s ok now :slight_smile:

Duh, sorry, it’s been a long day. :slight_smile:

If you’re going for a manga style, then you might try colouring it in Illustrator too. Just build up the colour underneath the layer with the line art on. Give a sharp effect, pretty nice. :slight_smile:

Nice i want to see it.

hm i’m not too good at colouring in illustrator…it’s abit complicated in my opinion. Can’t just use the paint bucket to fill, now can we? (we can’t, right? have to make complete paths first)

i’ll give it a shot tomorrow, along with the other changes i should make. it’s past midnight now :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont undestand the image hoting, how you upload images there?

you need to use their program…even then, it seems that i dont know how to work it too well, or that the program itself has some issues :-\

anyway, thanks alot all for the comments, i’ll keep that in mind for my next piece :slight_smile: (i’ll remake this some other time)