Attempt With Illustrator

I’ve had this program for almost a year and have barely touched it. So I decided it’s time I started. :slight_smile: This is just playing around with tapered brushes and the pen tool.

It’s soooo different from using Flash to draw… :sure:

WOAH! That is freakin’ awesome Kit!!! Add some color/shading and that would probably better than your Flash Line Art (if that’s even possible)!

Colour it? <b>Gulp</b> :stunned:

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hehe… :evil:

illustrator and freehand also fireworks kills flash in vector capabilities…awesome work Kit…!!!

THat’s awsome. now just a guy and some animation
if you know what i mean =P

hey TO i have noticed some of your posts lack a bit of taste…but that is just my observation…but nice to see you did not say it sucked :slight_smile:

Holy jesus!! Thats awesome!!! :beam: such a unique style too :slight_smile:

Another notch for Kit :love:

  • Soul :s:

wow kit! i always thought illustrator was really hard. i tryed it but didnt like it. i donno it was just really different. that is amazing!

That’s gotta be your best peice yet.
Great job, I love it.

wow, thats awsome!!!

you just got to add some color…

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, this is insane. Really sweet :slight_smile:

thats’ really good kit - very nice. =)

very sexy, if that’s possible for a line art girl…if that’s even a girl?!

ok , I’ll shut up now…:-\

looks awesome… would be cool if she had a face though :stuck_out_tongue:

do you have a bigger version available? it’s hard to see all the detail in that one, and i want to see all the tapered stuff etc, and also how all the folds look… very cool from what i can see

What tool do you use mainly? freehand or the bezier one?

it’s really cool… :stuck_out_tongue:

im new here…and wow…that is some nice drawing…i cant even draw like htat on paper…nice!

Thank you very much, everyone. :slight_smile:

Someone requested a larger version, so here it is full size…

I think it was the Bezier pen… The one where you draw two points then get the little handles to curve it? I used that. :slight_smile: And the Tapered Round brush, at 10 and 5% thickness. :slight_smile:

And Unflux, it <i>is</i> a girl. I just suck at drawing faces. :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for the full version kit, that’s soo cool

and it’s definitely a girl (if you know what i mean :thumb: )

sounds like the bezier tool to me, and that makes it even more impressive imo, because i think it’s a hard tool to use well, especially with such flowing curves (no pun intended)

did you start from scratch or was there a pencil sketch in there somewhere?

anyway, it’s so cool :A+:

God, I couldn’t do that from scratch! I <i>wish</i>! Pretty much everything I do is from sketches beforehand that are scanned in and traced. :slight_smile: Although I’ve got a Wacom at work now, so I can draw straight in.

That pen is a bit awkward though… I was trying to join up two lines in a point, and it kept making the whole thing into a ‘U’ shape instead of a ‘V’. :angry: Kept having to make new layers then group it. :sure:

Thanks for the comments though, much appreciated. :slight_smile:

That looks absolutely marvelous. Have you used Corel Draw by any chance - cause I was wondering how u find it vs Illustrator…

D :stuck_out_tongue: