Illustrator - Shapes & Gradients Problem


Using: Illustrator CS3.

I’m creating a vector image of equalizer bars in Illustrator, similar to this picture:

I’ve created the bars using the rectangle tool. They’re all spaced right and set up, but I’m struggling to find a way to put a gradient over all of the bars as a whole.

Whenever I try to add a gradient it adds the gradient to the bars separately, rather than as a whole. I can do it in Photoshop in half a second, but creating a vector of it in Illustrator is proving difficult.

Attached is:
bad.jpg: What I’m getting, gradients over each bar, but don’t want.
good.jpg: What I want, a gradient over all the bars as a whole, but aren’t getting.

I’ve tried grouping them which didn’t work… I’m all out of ideas.