Ilyaslamasse's scrolling menu question

i have a question regarding the scrolling menu tutorial. Actually 2 q’s. Okay, i finally got the thing to scroll, and the buttons to work, but i have 2 problems: i) i made the tutorial from scratch, using my own size clipgeneral, so when it scrolls, it doesn’t scroll the whole length of my clipgeneral, it scrolls only part-ways (mine’s a lot longer). I want to know how to adjust the code so that it scrolls the whole ways… also, instead of 4 buttons, i have 5. ii) I think something’s wrong with my mask… it’s a movie clip, but it shows up on the final movie… what do i do?
Thanks a lot!!
Natasha :bandit:

k, i was experimenting w. it some more, but now when i click the buttons, it gets all screwy… like the button won’t go to the right section, i don’t know why… :frowning:

Humm… I should probably redo that tutorial, since I did it a while ago, and there is a certain number of not-so-clever things in it. Anyway. It’s very difficult to know where your errors might be if you don’t give the code, or the fla for us to look at.

Concerning the mask, if you set the layer as a mask, it shouldn’t appear…

pom :asian: