Im looking for a set of images (musical theme)


im in the process of making a new site in flash to do with music. to go in the background i am looking for 3 or preferably 4 images that are part of one single panroramic picture. each should have its own identity, but should move seemlessly into the the image that follows/precedes it. if that makes sense?

as i said in the title im looking for a musical theme, im not too fussed about the colour scheme - nice and contempory, nothing too bright.

and im afraid im not offering money for this. okay, im asking for a lot and im really being quite cheeky, but i have to ask someone right? and i thought to myself, where better place to ask than where people are doing this sort of thing for fun anyway?

i might also add that in the job seeking forum i have advertised my servises as a musical guy for free -

thanks very much if youve got all the way down this far =D . email me or just post a reply if youre interested…

cheers =) ,