I'm so annoyed/angry/etc.!

dammit ! there’s so much pissing me off right now. there’s so much **** that’s just totally ****ed up - even stuff i hear about just gets me pissed off. lol. so this is my official “GRR i’m pissed off: let me expunge some rage” thread. (other people may contribute and i’m pressing quite hard on the keys here, lol).

[*]pricks at school:
my school is alright :slight_smile: there’s some pretty helpful and intelligent people in it that are real good to be working in a learning environment with. however, there are the pupils. they’re al little ****ing neds from a run down area that just think they’re so ****ing hard that they can just push everyone around - and because i walk home on my own (most of my friends come from commutor villages just outside of town) and therefore that person they’re usually picking on is me. it’s totally ****ED.

i’m bigger than most of those guys that come and try to push me around which pisses me off to start with - because they’re so ****ing stupid to be pushing someone around that could easily beat the **** out of them - and until you do anything it’s just a laugh for them. if you ever do do anything though, you’re likely to get the **** beaten out of by their older brothers and their older brothers’ friends.

even today - i had a mock exam and during study leave we don’t have to be in school all day, but i was going back for some other stuff i’ll come back to later - i was walking to school at about lunch time (after i had gone home again after my exam) and these guys were looking at me when i was walking behind them and then when i walked passed them (they walk slow because they’re stupid or something) and then shortly after they ran passed me and stopped just in front of me so i just ignored them and walked around them and then they did it again and kept moving so i couldn’t get passed them. ****ING PISSED ME OFF. so i told them to get out the ****ing way and then they started trying to pick a fight with me - it’s like they want an excuse to hit someone but i don’t wanna get in any fights cos i’ll end up getting excluded from school which would suck dick.

i think the worst case though was when i was walking home from school one day with my girlfriend and these little guys were throwing sweets across the street at us, and they were like 3 years younger than us ! we ignored them, though and kept walking. when we were walking down the path along past the basketball court, they ran right between us, pushing us apart, and then stood in front of us throwing more sweets at us. it was really annoying; especially when we got to less than arms distance away from them and then they kept doing it. i lost my temper at that point and hit the guy over the head with susie’s saxaphone [owned]. but even after that, he kept throwing **** at us like he was wanting me to go beat the crap out of him.

[*]school itself: school’s a big stress atm - ENGLISH especially. i’m really **** at it and i wanna drop it and concentrate on my other subjects but still my english teacher is just really pushing me with it. i hate being in her classes. i’ve just given up with that **** but she keeps trying to force me to do it and giving me all of these excuses why i should do it. and i know she is right, but there’s not way i’m going to do that **** now and it’s a real put down to not even get 1/4 of the total marks even when i try :(. but still - i’m not allowed to drop it.

[*]my girlfriend: she isn’t really pissing me off, not at all in fact, but she’s leaving to go to university and i’m staying on at school for another year - so this is more an emotional instability than something that is making me angry. it’s quite upsetting :frowning: and then of course, if i’ve been thinking about it then i’m not very happy and then pricks at school piss me off, and i have to goto english and it all piles up and i get really seriously ****ing pissed off.

i hate being pissed off too. i just makes me the most unsociable person - and i hate being like that. usually once i’m pissed off, everything pisses me off - even people breathing. if i can hear something i want it to shut the **** up or i start to get even more pissed off and it’s not like i can ask someone to shut up just because they’re breathing. and when i’m too hot - that pisses me off too, to the extent that all of the above starts to happen. GR - it’s like a constant loop of increasing levels of how pissed off i am.

thanks - it’s strange how relieved i feel after that.
everyone else can feel free to comment on how stuff has been pissing them off recently if they like :slight_smile: