[rant] steaming [/rant]

I have never been so twisted in my life. The fury is drivng me mad, even this morning.

I live in an apartment complex with my girlfriend, been there for 7 months thus far. I’ve never had a problem with anyone, I’m a friendly guy. So this new girl moved in upstairs from me on the second floor about a month ago. Since she has moved in she’s been a pain in the ***, being loud, constatnly fighting with neighbors, etc.

So last night she pulled something she should never pull again. We have assigned parking spots, which no one respects. The reason being for every car in the lot there are 3 available so it’s impossible not to get a spot close to your door.

At 2:30 am last night my girlfriend wakes me up in a panic saying “Dave, she’s crazy and is mad you parked in her spot”. Not sure if I thought it was a dream or not but I went back to sleep. My girlfriend felt bad about waking me up because I work 15 hours on Monday, so she wanted to let me sleep. However she was so nervous she woke me up again.

This time I hear the girl upstairs breaking things in her apartment, shouting obsenities and jumping up and down on the floor. Some of the things I heard were “This f’ing ahole is in my spot again”, “I hate these f’ing arabs”, "His stupid F’ing girlfriend thinks she can park in my spot (my girlffriend shares my car) and other stuff I won’t even post here.

Funny thing is I’m Italian, so I’m not sure why she was going on about Arabs. She continue to jump up and down on the floor trying to wake me. Well she did, and now I was pissed. My girlfriend told me she left a note on my car. My first reaction was to go upstairs and show this ***** who she was dealing with. My better judgement told me to rethink the whole situation. I’m a 25 year old man, 6’3 250lbs. The girl upstairs is maybe 1/3 of my size. If I go nuts she can turn it around on me, and I can get in trouble for it.

So I decide to call the local police and they came about 20 minutes later. They did absolutly nothing, as assumed. Basically they told me to aviod the situation by not parking in her spot again.

At this point I’m so annoyed I can’t go back to sleep. I finally fell asleep around 6:15 am but had to be up by 7:30 for work. So I’m very very tired and very very annoyed. I called my landlord and they basically apologized and said deal with it.

Now I’m pissed because if this was the other way around I would have been arrested last night, but what because she some tiny insane female it’s ok for her to act line a lunitic and keep me from getting proper rest? Where the f is the equality in this country.