Image Movement

Hi all,

I am fiarly new to flash and am trying to achieve a very common effect I have seen on quite a few sites, an example is at

The movement of the blurred image in the background on button press or on page load.

I am not sure about :

How to get the “crumpled effect” or how to go it.

I suppose the idea would be to have an image moving over the same image but not sure

Any ideas?

Many thanks for all help.

the blurred is simply gaussian blur, probably done in photoshop or similar program and a motion tween or actionscript movement kicked off by the on(release){} .

The “crumpled” is interesting, and I have no idea how they did it. Maybe someone else will… hmm… I’ll have to play with it. It seems like a slightly magnified view through a mask… but I’m not sure at all…

thanks for you help

The effect can be accomplished using masks and tweens. You’d have to put two copies of the same image into its own layer. Nudge the upper image over to the left or right, just slightly so it’s not stacked precisely over the image below. Mask out portions of the image. Add a motion tween to the mask to create the motion. You can add additional masked copies to enhance the crumple.

Thank you, Ren. I’m glad I wasn’t that far off…

Ren… you know all I’ve said is joking. Right?