Imported Gif image degrading after publish in Flash

ok i’ve this problem for a long time.

i do my images in photoshop and i import it into flash to make animations. the problem is after i import it to a flash document and then publish it as GIF, the image i orignially imported would have degraded quality, it looks as like i’m not using web safe color and monitor color setting at 256 colors.

The thing is all the color i use in my image are web safe colors. I have tried that on import jpg, gif with all different color and they don’t look the same as the original after publishing! and when i just try to use the same color to draw in flash(without importing anything), i get a perfectly matching color after publishing it!

please help. I have tried to play my imported picture properties setting in library and they don’t seem to solve my problem. i have also tried playing will all the different settings in publish setting and no go. I have publish it to just .swf flash format and it looks fine. just doesn’t work with gif :frowning:

any ideas? thanks in advance.

When you publish just set it to 100% inside the Publish setting.

Note: I publish it to Gif, not to flash. And I don’t see anywhere in the publish settings in Gif section to increase the setting to 100%.
Only a 255 colors and some other options.

Flash blurs images by default with a bitmap interpolation Flash uses to attempt to maintain image quality with scaled raster graphics. This prevents pixelation normally seen with scaled images. You can turn this off by selecting your image in the library and either right-clicking or using the library menu and choosing Properties… and in that dialog, turning smoothing off. You also have the option of adjusting the exported compression method. If JPG is used, you can set the quality manually for each image you have this way or choose to use the the default compression which is set in File -> Publish Settings…
Alternatively you can use PNG/gif lossless compression which you might want for imported gifs

I have already tried that senocular, I turned off smoothing and it still published a degraded image. As I said, I’ve tried to play with all combinations in the library properties and publish setting and I’m not going anywhere.

and I need to publish my work as gif instead of flash.

can you give an example?

Ok, for example, here is a piece of an 50x50 GIF i made with photoshop

I then created a 80x80 document in flash and i paint the document with the same color i used in the GIF. Then I imported my photoshop GIF into the middle of the document and published as GIF. Here is the result.

you can see the uneven color and distortion even though the color is really the same. In case if you want to know the background color is 003266.

I don’t see any difference dude.

But I do know someone that had a similar problem. I believe they said the problem was with their monitor color settings or something of that sort. I don’t remember exactly.

I think its just a matter of Flash being the middle man. To export the image, flash renders it in ‘flash’ form and generates an image from that - as to include both raster and its own vector imagery within the final result. Because of that, you’ll get inconsistencies in Flashes rendering techniques when exported image is compared to the original imported image. I really dont think theres much you can do other than tweak what settings you do have available and try to get the best result you can.

oh monitor settings??
i showed it to a friend on a different computer and he saw the difference in color too.

i just don’t understand how it can be the monitor setting, cos i see the original photoshop gif perfectly fine.

Anyone else see the difference in color?

ok thanks for your help senocular. so that is a problem with Flash MX. I hope they wil fix that problem cos i do a lot of importing. :frowning:

yeah sometimes it dithers when its not set to, I dont think on purpose.