Importing from Photoshop

[color=darkblue]Question: when you make a site in Flash, were do you make all the pictures and frames for text and stuff? Do you draw it directly in Flash or do you draw it in Photoshop? Coz I used to do it in Photoshop (much easier), but when I import it into Flash, it usually isn’t nice anymore. The quality gets messed up. Am I doing something wrong importing (which file format is the best?) or should I draw directly in Flash?[/color]

try doing it as a .png casue that is the best one for flash. it should solve the problem

[color=darkblue]Okay, thx, I’ll try that one already[/color]

And it all depends on what you want to do, which effect you wish to achieve… Vectors are nice because they dont get messed up when scaled or moved around. Bitmap image are sometimes more effectives and have neater effects (blur, glow)…

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Hey El_Thierro check this thread sucks&pagenumber=1

[color=darkblue]Yo Soulty, thx a lot for the link to that thread, it was really helpful! :slight_smile: [/color]

glad to help:)

[color=darkblue]Hey, I tried everything you described to that guy in the other thread, and it worked fine! But I have two last questions:

I’m using Photoshop 7, and when you “save for web”, you can select PNG-8 and PNG-24… Which one should I take?

So, save as a png, import it into flash and in the library, turn smoothing off and set the other thingie to “lossless png” or something like that, right?

One last question: you said you should always use 72 dpi for web pictures… Where do I adjust that when I save for web as a png? Or should I adjust that in Flash?

Thx for your help :slight_smile: [/color]


::: save as png, import into flash, turn off smoothing, set the compression to jpeg, and set it to something that is smaller in kb size and no visable image loss. (you can press test to see the result of the compression you choose) I usually use 80 %.

::: Why 72 dpi, there is no need to go higher, any higher the pixels in the image are not used. screen display graphics use 72 dpi, the only reason you would go higher is for printing purposes, unless you have things that needed to be printed you wouldnt need to go higher.

[color=darkblue]Owkay… I see: I accomplish the same quality when I take “No smoothing - Lossless PNG” and when I take “No smoothing - Photo JPEG - Quality 80”
So what’s the difference then? Is it the file size or something?[/color]

yeah big time, if you press test in the compression window check below and it will tell you the original file size to the compressed file size. Major file difference as you will see.

[color=darkblue]Wow, yeah, I see… 886.7 kb (Lossless PNG) and only 63.1 kb (Photo JPEG)… Waw! What a difference! And its the same quality! Thx for helping me out man, been really helpful!:esmirk: [/color]

Yep there you go, major file size difference, no image quality lose. :beam:

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glad to help, cya dude :wink: