Indestructible mp3 player

FYI - Sandisk makes the most durable .mp3 players on the market. I picked up a Sandisk 2GB MP3 player a little over a year ago.

I have no need for the portable video, wash your car and yell at your dog media player deal or anything, I just need a device to deliver a versatile of plethora angry music while i’m at the gym.


I was in a rush to wash some clothes before I went out and forgot to take the friggin thing out of my pocket before I threw my pants into the wash. (unknowingly)

So I dump my clothes into the wash and set it for the super uber get the blood and grass stains out of my jeans (metal show last weekend) cycle . Everything is all good.

I take all my crap out and throw it in the dryer and turn it on. I immediately hear THUD THUD THUD THUD - I take my crap out and find a AAA Battery (CRAP) - Followed by the battery case cover (oh no!) then for the encore - my .mp3 player (Dripping water) and headphones strangely tangled around a sock.

I was thanking my stars for buying the unconditional warranty thinking I would let it dry out take it back to Best Buy…act stupid and would get a new one - I dryed it out for a day and the ■■■■ thing worked like a champ like wasnt submerged in 25 gallons of water twice. (That is 2Xtimes!)

I’m just amazed :lol: