Infinite menu and menu with slider

Hello flashers, i got two questions, if anyone could help me please, i tried to do the infinite menu tutorial and it works, but it results that mine is in a movie that is loaded into another one, and i dont know how to make it recognize the movement of the cursor only in the loaded movie area, and stop working if i go over the root movie. what do i have to define the active area. Well thats one, the other is that i tried to do the menu with slider tutorial, it work great, but how can i make it so that when a movie loaded with one of that buttons, is loaded, the slider stays below that button, that if i go over other button, it slides to it, but on a rollout, gets back to the button corresponding to the movie loaded. I hope i made myself clear enough, i will greatly accept any idea. on that second one, i tried to do the if frame loaded, so that it veryfies if one of the loaded movies is there, and then use a on rollout, but i frankly dont know. And if someone could give me the name of a good book to learn actionscript from scratch, i am a graphic designer, know a lot about photoshop and other tools, but i want to learn flash, and some programing. well thats it for this first message. thanks