Infinite menu links

I am brand new at this so please forgive me… I am working on the infinite menu that is on the tutorials pages here and I am able to make the animation work, however since you have to convert the whole thing including the text to one symbol in order for the animation to work I can’t figure out how to turn the text into buttons and make them links without having them stay stationary while the box around the text moves. Basically I need the text inside the menu to be buttons instead of movie clips so they can link my pages from my index page.


There is an easier way. Just make your text static text.

it actually is static text… what i did was make the frame with the rect tool then sectioned it out with the line tool then i typed in the static text in each box… i then selected all the text and all the lines and converted all to symbol > movie and copied and pated the script from the tutorial. problem is i want each word to be linked to a different page, know what i’m saying?

okay. Double click the big MC, and then section out each word, making them each a new MC. Then, they can all link to different things.