Infinite question: PC or Mac - seriously!

Ok, everyone, here’s that big question again:

I’m buying a new computer in about 3 months, and I haven’t figured out wether to buy a PC or a Mac. And I’m talking about laptops, preferrably a HP (of some sort) or a Powerbook.

I use my computer for webdesign with Flash, PHP, MySQL and of course HTML. Programs I use are mostly Photoshop and Studio MX 2004.

So wich platform should I choose?
I would like honest opinions here, and no “Intel = In hell” or “Mac sucks”. If (hopefully) you’ve used both platforms - wich one do you prefer/recommend? I have looked at, and the final score suggests mac, but, hmmm, the author is pro-mac, so… :h: :q:

I know it’s a tough question, but hey, that’s what kirupaforum is for, right? :wink:

Thank you in advance!