stupid forum keeps pushing my threads off the end before i get to read them

you told me to tell the object to move to certain coordinates after it loads. do i do that in the script that loads it or on the next frame’s actions … or what?

sigh … i am sofa king we todd did

do it right after it loads.

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
	_root.movies.loadMovieNum("2B.swf", 0);

is there a quick and easy way to figure out exactly where it needs to be … i clicked show rulers and input the values of the center of the clip … and it’s still way off … actually it hardly moved … leading me to believe thats close to it’s original coordinates.

also … normally when i start the 2B movie … it doesnt play … it has a stop aciton on the first frame … but when i load the movie like this it plays … ignoring the stop action. is there a variable i need to put in the AS here that will make it not do that?

thanks very much for your help