Interaction between main and loaded movie

Hey guys. You have all surely been doing this a long time now, so you probably encountered this question many times. I have to make this project in flash for my university. It’s like a full flash site with four links. I want to use a loadMovie action to load the 4 different pages on top of the main menu. The first question is:
Is it possible to have a BACK button on the loaded movie which tells my main movie to go at a certain frame when the pressed and right after that just unload itself if necessary? If so, then with what function or action … it would be just great if i can do that, i would’ve solved all my problems. Then comes the second issue… if i have a volume slider in my main movie and i don’t use loadMovie() but just jump to another scene or frame, would all the values of the volume in the main scene change themselves as i jump to another scene? I’m just afraid that if i load the whole navigation once more the volume slider would change it’s position to default.
I’ll be very greatful if you could share some of your experience with me. Thanks and i hope hearing from you.