Interactive images

I asked previously how to allow an image to be moved by the movie viewer, the response was excellent and thankyou so much, however my limited knowledge is requiring a boost.
I have an image which I would like to allow the customer to drag around the screen and place in their desired location as part of a design process, the code I was given…

on (press) {
startDrag(this, false, 0, 0, width_in_pixels, hight_in_pixels);

on (release) {

Works… but allows the entire project to be moved and not just the image in question, forgive my ignorance what adjustmants should I make to ensure that the viewer can only move the image to which I have added the script leaving the rest of the movie intact…

Thanks very much


the code you give above, is it given to the image you want to move?

Yes it is, is that correct?

do want to make something like this?

Not Exactly, I have provided a background which acts as a template which the customer can add images to, I want the entire project, borders, backgrounds, text boxes and all to remain stationary … whilst certain other visual elements - e.g. little pictures… can be moved around the screen, and placed on top of the template creating the desired design, - kind of similar to some of the t-shirt designing pages you see around.

kind of similar to some of the t-shirt designing pages you see around.

you mean drag and drop things on a t-shirt?

It’s okay I got it, thanks v much

No I don’t

I figured that I can create a New Movie, then configure the symbol(s) contained within the movie to DRAG, but the whole movie still moves with the draggable image, I want to be able to drag the image(s) OUT of the movie box, and onto the main stage… somebody please help!