Interactive Video


I need to make a interactive animated character, that would react to clicks in certain places, but instead of bitmap/vector animations, there would be video clips embeded in the swf. The video clips would be played in various combinations.

Let me give you a example.
Start: A looped video of a person idling.
Start/hotspot1: The looping video fades-out, and a video of a person jumping up fades-in, plays, then fades-out back to the loop.

I have to embed the videos, so that there won’t be any buffering. I tryed to embed the video, and use commands like gotoAndPlay(), gotoAndStop(), play(), stop(), but if I have more than one embeded video I start having problems controlling the clips.

Here’s one of my unsuccessfull attempts:

Clicking on the HS1, should fade-out VIDEO1, fade-in VIDEO2/play it/fade-out, and fade-in VIDEO1 again.

Mayby I just choose a bad way of doing this, if so please, help me find a better solution. This is really important for me, so any help will be greatly appreciated!