Playing embeded video

New or not, I’ve never understood programming. Flash is my first (semi) real attempt at actual -programming. I have been through the tutorials, and am still having troubles I think. What I wanted: To click on a button in the top level of the screen, in the middle -a sub menu with opening animation and additional animation for the sub menu. Similar to, click on the top menu, the middle screen opens a new animation with new menu. What I’ve done: on main page one: added a stop(); event (frame 1). In (frame 2) I’ve inserted a keyframe for the mainpage to display again, added a second layer, embedded my animation in the location I want it. Back in (frame 1), on my navigational button I’ve added:

[COLOR=blue]on(release)[/COLOR] {
[COLOR=blue]gotoAndPlay[/COLOR] (2);

During test, this works. However, I am so new, I don’t know if this is the ‘right’ way to do this, or I am going the long route. In the end, I will have -5- navigational buttons in (frame 1) that will have to refer to -5- different frames (ie, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) and in each frame will be an embedded video clip (without the next one continuing over -

video 2 layer: - - 3
video 1 layer: - 2 -
main layer: 1 1 1

does that make sense? Any helps, thoughts or input would be awesome! Thanks