Interplay Announces Fallout 3 Licensing Deal With Bethesda

craps pants in anticipation


For those of you know don’t know, Fallout is the greatest CRPG series ever (screw the console games), and Bethesda has developed all the Elder Scroll games, including Morrowind and Daggerfall. :smiley:

So there are no Fallout fans on Kirupa!!! For shame… :wink:

Nice! finally! It’s taken them that long I already gave up hope.

BOOOO! Make another Elder Scrolls game, this time with multiplayer funtion. I wanna kick n00b-azz with my custom-made Daedric Battle Axe With Fire Damage! :wink:
Fallout is good, I’m more of a fantasy dude though, not so into science fiction.

If you’ve ever beaten the original two, you’ll know how good Fallout is. Wandering the deserts fo a post-apocalyptic California/Nevanda/Arizona? Hell yes.

For those of you know don’t know, Fallout is the greatest CRPG series ever

COuldn’t have put that better… I’ve spent complete months on that game… I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT… Screw windows xp which doesn’t allow me to play the first Fallout…

rushes to find his G.E.C.K (garden of eden creation kit for non fans)

There were so many funny references to dumb crap too. The environment was really serious and sorta depressing, but the creators put so many references to movies, and dumb stuff (random encounters of crashed star trek ships, the monty python bridge encounter, TONS of mad max references)

yup. plus easter eggs. The people on this team really had fun doing it. I think i talked to every single character in the whole game (except maybe some random encounter in the desert) to see what the dialogs would be.