Introduce yourself! (reply only ONCE please)

Seeing as the old thread went MIA during the great hack of 06, we’ll have to start once more :pleased:

OK…I guess I have been posting enough that it’s time to get to know everyone!

My name is Steve, I was in band that toured extensively and even opened for Metallica among many other bands. I designed the first Junker Jorg website and got hooked! I am an Industrial Electrician by trade, specializing in programming PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers)

I have learned so much since joining the forum and I am so glad I get to share what little knowledge I have helping others!

Peace Out!

Hi i’m Paul.

I have experience in Dreamweaver and CSS and want to learn Flash and Actionscript.

Looking forward to getting to know you.

From GZ.China
Major in Lay Out Design


Im a Pro Newb
Mainly into Audio/live lighting
Brought here by Darkmotion
never left
bout time i introduced myself
Although i prob have before anyway :lol:

Hello there! I’ve just turned 30, just discovered this forum and have no clue as to whats going on but ‘if you see a queue, join it’ mentality took me!

Hello, I’m Vanessa from Puerto Rico. Currently I’m attending Michigan State University to finish my master in digital media.
Hobbies: Parties, swimming.
Favorite music: techno, reggaeton

Hey Everyone, My name is Rob Payne. I write lyrics, record, and work on my website
You can check out

Hi friends
iam ravi
free lancer web designer
iam here to learn Flash from Basic
iam sure that this site will help me to learn flash


Name: Harold
Job: Network Operations Center - TELUS
Nationality: Filipino
Born: Quezon City, Philippines
Location: Spain by June '08
Goals: Play GTA4 in my PC (Xbox360 for the moment)
Hobbies: 3D Animation, Flash, Movies, Telekinesis
Education: College graduate
Favorite site:
Favorite food: Italian/Japanese/Filipino
Favorite music: rap/rock/classical with trance punk heavy beats

Hi, everybody. My name is Deja. I’m 32. I live in Croatia and I’m an oracle developer. Recently, I started learning flash cs3 for hoby and I like it. Hope this site will help me to learn flash …

I just want to introduce myself,
I am Civil eng. work for a Petrochemical eng company, I like to work with Photoshop, After Effects, Flash, and of course I need help with scripts and from all of you my experts friends.
In time to time I share what I saw in another forum to help each other or I ask easy questions, no to offend anyone, but sometimes we need the solution by posting it, instead of reading long threards, that sometime confuse me more.
That way someone has found the solution, and point me out there.
For all this

Hi all.

I’m Richard and I just found the forum and thought this might be a nice place to be. :slight_smile:

Have a nice Day.

Hi there!

I am JadePearl and you can call me Jade. I am beginner in Flash, web development and design and I am eager to learn. So glad to have found this wonderful forum. The tutorials here are awesome!

Thank you for creating such a lovely place for us!

Hello I am Mike, I have lengthy experience in print and Illustration.
I’m always looking to broaden my skills and Flash is an exciting application.
Hoping to interact and learn from this forum.

Hello my name is Alec Deblanc and I’m a webmaster from Hurlingham, Argentina. I’ve found this community surfing the web and it seems pretty good!

See you on the forums ^^

My Name is Keith, I’m a computer systems designer, and webmaster. I’m an avid Flash user, specializing in music and video projects. my favorite is flash 8, even though i own flash cs3. Aside from working with and continuing to learn this complex, yet rewarding application called Flash, I’m a computer builder, and repairer. Gaming Systems are a specialty. My occupation in within the federal gov’t. Other hobbies include some graphic design, webdesign, billiards, and believe it or not, cooking. Hope to assist, and learn from the folks here, and maybe make a few friends along the way. Cya soon.

Hey guys & gals, I’m Stephen. I’m a web and graphic designer and developer for a small company in Memphis, TN. I work mostly with HTML/CSS and PHP, although recently I’ve been doing a little bit of AS3. I think this place is of great help in the web design world. I’ve actually been a member here for a while, I just never really found this thread. :puzzle:

Anyways, see you guys out there! GO TEAM! :thumb2:

Hello, i’m Amanda, from United Kingdom. I’m familiar with the Flash program but amateur in the coding. I have an interest in website design and Flash game making. I’m determined to increase my abilities in these areas and hopefully Kirupa will help me do so.
Hobbies outside the computer are Drumming and Drawing.

My name is Mathew. I’d rather spend my time fishing, but bills dictate that I have to do freelance design work. :expressionless: