Introducing... Me?

Hey, I’m new, and I really like the look of the board and the people on it, so I thought I’d give it a go.
So, yeah, until I have a site I’ll just introduce myself this way,
I’m Tim (Ais), 15, live in Ontario Canada, and like lots of design and image stuff.
Don’t expect too much talent in my work, cause, well… coughs there won’t be much. I’m proud of what I do do, though, usually.
Everyone’s stuff looks great, and just a quick comment, LostInBeta, I was browsing your site and reading some stuff, and it’s all really great!
Anyways, something I did recently was make a skin for KaZaA, the latest version, and I was really pleased with it. I guess I’ll throw a few of my things up here over time, to maybe get some feedback. ^_~

Let’s see how this works… oh, there it is, near the bottom… attatches a screen shot

Wow, frustrating trying to cut that thing down to… 102400 bytes… anyone know how to make that easier for me next time?

Edit: <i> The ugly edges of grey along the sides would be bits of paint, with which I turned the screenshot into a jpeg, ignore the ugliness, please. ^_^</i>

Oh, a Final Fantasy fan eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

Welcome, and next time you don’t want to resize an image you will have to host it and direct link to it using [img ][ /img]

(Take out the spaces) <:}

Another Tim…?
(electrongeek and myself, as well)

Welcome to Kirupalvania…

Uncle Phil will be around sooner or later to “Officially” welcome you to the fold…

take care, and watch where you step (eilsoe is slithering around here somewhere).


Welcome to the forum Aislin. I hope you enjoy it here. Yeah, we have some excellent artists wander around here. Edwin, Dan, Eilsoe, Kitiara.

I can’t wait to see some of your work :slight_smile:

And thanks for the compliments on my work :beam:

::lostinbeta boosts his self esteem notch up one::

Whoa. That was <i> fast </i>. Nice warm welcome, heh. Who’s ‘Uncle Phil’?

Phil Jayhan is Uncle Phil.

Word of advice: Run from him :beam: (just kidding Philbert)

YEAAAH! ANOTHER FINAL FANTASY FAN! (I hope…) I just started playing FF7 again today… Love those games… welcome to the board…

Yeah FF7 is my favorite :slight_smile:

I didn’t like FF8 though :frowning:

I am a big FF fan. Glad to have another FF Fan Aboard. You should check out some of Kitiaras Line Art FF Characters, they are amazing.

You act as though there’s only us two FF fans… that’s crazy talk. Somebody tell him it’s crazy talk! looks around scared

Anyways, I was going through some of my junk, and here’s my cd cover. yippee. …Simplicity and Contrast rule. runs away embarassed

I like the highlights on the leaf :slight_smile:

And no way are we the only FF Fans…lol. I know a ton.

I can’t help myself.
throws up another little graphic

its amazing how many people i know on this board that live in ontario!!!

welcome and be prepared to be assimilated into Kirupaville :stuck_out_tongue:

Lost, your insane! FF8 rules arse!

Finally, Aislin, somebody appreciates FF8!
Welcome aboard! I wonder where Phil is…

Btw glad you like Tenacious D


[SIZE=1]::drool:: Rikku…[/SIZE]

i too live in ontario:beam:…

FF8 does not rule anything.

The graphics were nice, but it was too drawn out making it feel longer then it really was.

But I am not going to debate, everyone is entitled to an opinion, I have mine you have yours :slight_smile:

FF7 = great

FF8 = not so great, as Lost said, too drawn out.

FF9 = oooh! =) loved that one :slight_smile:

FFX = good, but too ■■■■ short…

My oppinions…

Ditto to Eilsoe… :slight_smile:

FF7 = Best one ever - 1st place
FF8 = So-So - Third Place
FF9 = Almost as good as FF7, story like was not as good - Second Place
FFX = Never Played - null place