Introducing Myself

Hi everybody, just wanted to introduce myself! I am Dan, 29 years old living in Lincolnshire in the UK. I watched some of Kirupas videos about javascript (I especially like the one explaining event capture vs event bubbling) and ended up on the forum here!

I first discovered programming a few years ago when I started watching some java programming videos on youtube just out of curiosity. From the moment I started learning it I wished that I could become an expert and knew that I would love to do this for a job.At the time I was very depressed and although I loved coding, I didn’t think there was any point carrying on learning it because I was too old and did not have the formal education/qualification/degree.

About 6 months ago I learnt about the open university and now in 2 weeks I am starting my degree in Computing & IT! My aim is to get a job programming and I am really enjoying the javascript language and am thinking this is an area I would love to work in.

I have been studying like a madman for the last 6 months, following tutorials on html5, css3, java, javascript and some PHP. When I see something cool on a website I love to challenge myself by trying to recreate what I have seen. I love thinking about programming in terms of different objects interacting with each other and I love designing on pen and pad before I start coding, writing down the different objects and how they will interact etc…

Anyway I am basically still a noob and I would really love to be a part of a community where I can ask questions about programming and talking to other people who are interested in it! I hope I am in the right place :slight_smile: I often run into a brick wall and get very frustrated sometimes when learning. I feel like I wish I knew everything right now and I feel like I should have learnt this stuff 10 years ago! I hope to chat to many of you on here and read your posts and ask lots of questions!

Look forward to meeting everybody

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Welcome to the forums, Dan! This is a great place to learn and ask questions. You may even have fun as well haha.


Yes welcome! Does anyone even use Java anymore?

Does anyone even use Java anymore?

Its all about Kotlin now.

Hey Dan; ask away!