Invitation to Djungla - next generation marketplace for web development

Hey all,

I am writing to let you know about Djungla ([]( – a next generation marketplace for web developers. **Djungla offers job opportunities with verified clients** – but in a unique way: there are no bids, no rating, no reputation, or other hurdles for newcomers that want to make money. Instead, we designed Djungla to emphasize skill – if you are a good programmer that does solid work for their clients, you have a fair shot at making good money.
The wild life in the Djungla might not be for everyone, but if you think you are among the best in the craft then don't hesitate to join in and take advantage of all the opportunities it presents. 
The website is still in private alpha, but will be gradually opening with a few projects starting in September. Check it out at []( – there are limited spots for the alpha and they are going quite fast, so if you can’t sign up feel free to send me a PM.
Hope to be seeing you in the Djungla,