IPOD unseated?

More songs and its cheaper…


Looks pretty nice too :slight_smile:

"As with Sony’s other players, the NW-HD1 plays songs in the company’s proprietary ATRAC format only, meaning it is not compatible with other online stores and cannot play tunes in the popular MP3 format. "


it’s easy to change mp3’s to atrac, currently I do that whenever I want to burn a cd and it takes like thirty minutes to do 400+ songs. Atrac is a awesome format and may even be better than mp3 imo

I can’t wait to see the revolution this starts, they also said prices might be cut in half if it’s successful

I dont know, the walkman is so 80’s. Apple has got the lock on today’s style. It’d be hard to take the throne from ipod.

but it’s so small, and it has more songs…

and plus, what’s the advantage of what it looks like if most people claim they get an ipod because “it fits in their pocket” where you can’t see it, just doesn’t make sense?

i’ll stick with my iPod.

why? you ought to at least give a reason?

well, first off, the obvious reason is that i already own an iPod, so no reason to pay for another mp3 player.

also, if it doesn’t play mp3’s then i would have to convert all 5000+ songs i have on my 20 gig iPod in order to play them on this Sony player. Whether it’s easy or not, it just doesn’t make sense to go through and convert all of my audio from the most popular/widely used format into a Sony proprietary (i am assuming it is proprietary) format.

looks to have a fairly small screen. my iPod’s screen is pretty large. also appears to have small buttons or other controls. i like the size of the iPod’s scroll wheel (although mine is the newer touch-pad style scroll wheel.

then also, just personal preference. i’ve never really had much luck with Sony products, always seemed to die on me a lot faster than other manufacturer’s counterparts.

personally, even if i didn’t own an iPod presently, i would still get an iPod over this new Sony device.

and on a side note, why would anyone by an iPod mini??? for 50 dollars more, you get a slightly larger player that doubles or triples your storage capacity. (i’m assuming this is still the case, last time i looked at specs on iPods and minis were when the mini first came out, which was when i bought my 20 gig iPod)

well… all the same, I would go for the sony cd player, I already own it and without a hour or two I’d moved all my 3,000 legal songs to atrac 3.5 (or something like that…) and can fit all my audio on about six cd’s for a hundred bucks… that’s better than all, but most of those things you mentioned are personal oppionions, so there’s no point in me arguing about them


Interesting perspective.

Anyway, the one thing I absolutely dispise about my Sony Minidisk player is the software, SonicStage. Its bloody aweful, take way too long to convert and put files on the ****ed minidisk, I can do about a CD every 20 minutes, which frankly doesn’t add up against the iPods 500 songs in roughly 10 minutes. Its ridiculous, I barely ever use my Minidisk player just because of this. In all honesty, this player looks like it would be a good purchase, but I will only consider it if they improve the sluggish software.

Why would I bother converting to yet another format, mp3 works just fine?
I don’t have an iPod, if I bought something, it would be Archos anyway
( http://www.archos.com/home.html?sid=j22k242cbjj3c3jbssk4s4&lang=en )
but it’s more or less the same reason I never bought a mini-disc!
Already had a walkman (sony!), cd-player, vinyl records, DAT, so no need to add yet another format (storage in that case), CD-R are just fine… I can fit 100’s of mp3’s on a cd, and my player reads them fine, but can also read normal audio cds…best of both worlds. And: 20G, to how many songs do you really ever listen, like on a dayly basis? not more’n 20 I’d say…?

also notice the …“it is not compatible with other online stores”… part!

I believe iPods go up to 40gb, so why is everyone saying the Sony thing holds more? I can transfer 200 songs in about 50 seconds with my iPod.

sony holds more in their twenty gig than apple does in their twenty gig if that helps answer your question

Ah, I see. Couldn’t Apple just release a new format that is similar in quality/size to Atrac?

they could, but they’re not going to, anyways, the sony one is still smaller, and cheaper, and it’s also going to keep getting cheaper because sony uses the same chip for their computers, meaing they’re gonna be able to get some quantity discount

Wasn’t there some sort of news report yesterday that said that Sony admitted that it could only hold more songs than the iPod if the songs were at a far inferior quality?

didn’t hear about that, but I’ve heard atrac and the quality is indestinguishable between mp3 and atrac, I would never know… or maybe I’m just deaf

AIFF (the apple format) is bigger but its CD quality. You cant buy from iTMS which is the biggest music store in the world and has the best selection, and you cant use it with your Mac or iTunes - you have to convert it.

This will be like the MiniDisc, just wait and see. I would only buy an iPod, it works with my iTunes, i can import 100+ songs in just a few minuets, not even that, and I have a nice UI and screen size.