Iraq body count

I was going to post this in the War Thread, but I wanted people to see this, I think it’s important. I finally found a website that keeps track of civilian deaths during the Iraq conflict - which I think is very objective support to whatever argument you make when it comes to the war. I think that before you state your opinion on whether the war is good or not, you should take a look at these numbers. Even if you have no opinion, or don’t want to discuss the war, this is something you should know.

There’s one point I want to make. The current body count is around 500. The number of people that Saddam has killed during his regime is 200 times that.

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good to know, thanks for the research…

if you include the amount of children that die in that country from lack of medical supplies and nutritional (da mn, I wish I could spell) deficeincies each year the number goes WAY beyond that too… food for thought.


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