Irvine Kinneas

Started re-playing Final Fantasy VII the other day, and just had to draw some of the characters. :slight_smile:

First one is the well known shot of Irvine (from his intro FMV), the sharpshooter and ladies man, complete with one of his quotes. Done in the same style and manner as the earlier one of Rikku - Illustrator outline, Photoshop colouring and fade the lines afterward. :slight_smile:

its called a gradient mesh, which allows you to mix multiple colours together based on a mesh (it blends it all together), which is overlayed on your object, you can really achieve some awesome realistic results. friend of mine used it for a car illustration and it turned out pretty photo like.

Tutorials for this are hard to find, i found one, looks a bit cheap but gives you a great step by step to the gradient mesh tool

actually found another awesome link… its not a tutorial but it talks about the tool and what it can do… with some examples…check it out…

isn’t irvine from VIII? vincent is the shooty guy from VII…

anyway, nice work as usual. I quite like this style when you fade the lines at the end…
although, the end product doesn’t really end up looking vector-ish, so why not just skip the whole illustrator step?

“isn’t irvine from VIII? vincent is the shooty guy from VII…”

yup, quite right. :wink:

Kit, shame on you :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, I missed an ‘I’ out there. I did mean VIII (shame on me indeed, Vincent is my favourite VII character :sure: ).

although, the end product doesn’t really end up looking vector-ish, so why not just skip the whole illustrator step?
Because I can’t draw for beans in Photoshop. :stuck_out_tongue: If I could use the pen in PS anywhere near as well as I can in Illustrator, then yeah, I’d do the whole thing there. But I can’t. :blush:

And I suppose if I do the outlines in Illustrator, I can make the image as large or as small as I like, without losing any quality. :slight_smile:

But I do see your point. :slight_smile:

Thanks too for the tutes, Soulty, much appreciated. :slight_smile: I’e never even looked at mesh before, so it’s all new to me… Didn’t even think that Illustrator might be able to do that kind of thing, even though I know it can. :slight_smile:

no worries kit,

have a look at these … from the second link i posted above…
Some absolutely awesome Illustrations created with the mesh tools.



Awesome work Kit ! :thumb:=)

nice work, almost like the real thing :thumb: i just completed ffviii again a few days ago too, and am replaying vii now :slight_smile:

question…did you colour that in illustrator? how’d you do so?

I coloured it with Photoshop actually, though I might try a gradient mesh now Soulty has pointed me in that direction. :slight_smile:

I do it by building up layers of colour… So I’ll pick an area to colour, like the face and fill it with a base colour on one layer. Then create more layers on top with different shades as shadows and highlights, and blur the edges into each other so it looks smooth and not sharp.

Kinda like this tute: , though I need to update that really. :slight_smile:

yea i know the photoshop method, thanks. but…how bout the illustrator method, how would you colour it in illustrator? will that produce the same results?

yeah , the gradient mesh tool…

look at these pics, and see what it can do

I really need to try this… :slight_smile:

I might attempt to colour this pic using Illustraor only when I get 5 minutes. See how it all works. :slight_smile:

omg, i love this one!