Is an inline frame the best method?

ok, i am re-creating a site that does not have alot of content, but is updated often, we recieve word documents for our updating here at work. In an attempt to make updating easier, I decided to add an inline frame under my header. Now, I am pretty sure that we can save the .doc file as a web, and call it to be displayed in the inline. My question is: Is this the best method? Is there a more practical way?

Also, does anybody else hate GoLive CS2? I cannot get used to that program after using FrontPage and Dreamweaver for so many years! GoLive keeps crashing, and IMO, the interface is just aweful!

Something else: We use CS2 here at work, and I built some simple rollovers in ImageReady for this webs header. When I published, it seems like forever before the .gif rollover animation loads. The file size is tiny, and the actual image slices load instantly, but then I have to wait on the rollovers to load. Why arent they loading quicker? :fight:

Thanks in advance for any input,