Is background color and primary color same in 60-30-10 rule?

I was reading the 60-30-10 rule for using color on a website where 60% is the primary color, 30% a secondary color, 10% tertiary color. But I am confused, what should be the background color of a website. Is it the same as a primary color or neutral color such as grey, white, etc?. Also, what should be the text color of the website? If I use two different colors for text and background, there is a total of 5 colors on my website. I want to know does 60-30-10 rule excludes background and text color?

Typically, yes. Your primary color will the most dominant color one sees, and your background typically plays that role. Using this site as an example, that would be white. The rest of the colors fluctuate between various shades of blue with some quirky colors thrown in from the logo. You can see this more if you click Personalize on any content on the main site and change the theme colors: