Is everyone's IDE player slow?

I’m using Flash CS3 on Mac OSX. When I preview things such as games with the Flash IDE player (Cmd+Enter, or Cntrl+Enter on a PC [I think!]), the action is draggy-*** slow. Let’s assume that it’s a simple game with not a whole lot of action going on (a lot of action may cause lag it’s in own right), and that I know all about removing listeners, extinguishing timers, removing children, nullifying, etc, etc (I always do a few test Trace statements to make sure that timers stop, and that things aren’t running or “hanging around” when they’re no longer needed). Also, I’m not using the Simulate Download settings, so it’s just a “natural” preview. When I preview it in a browser window (using the F12 key instead of the Enter key) it’s fine - smooth and fast, no problems. I’m doing OOP though, and am rarely in the .fla, so switching back to the main .fla to Browser-Preview then switching back to Flash and remembering which file I was on, etc is a minor hassle that adds up to a major inconvenience when you’re feverishly attacking a pesky bug. Alternatively, if I could Browser-Preview from an AS file, I wouldn’t complain.

Is this just the way it is? Are there some secret settings I don’t know about? I’ve been using Flash since MX, and I’ve always found it to be true that it plays better in a browser window, but it seems worse with AS3 for some reason…