Is it me or am I the only 1who doesn't know actionscript? :(

Hi I was wondering if there are any more AS newbies or special tutorials for hardcore newbies? IF the is then please tell me coz I know nothing about actionscript except for that it is cool

Did you try these ?…mation.asp
When you’re done with this, you should have a much better understanding of AS (normally…).

pom 0]

I dont know it, but i am more than willing to learn! (so i am)

Well it doesn’t just seep into your head overnight! You gotta do some work to learn it - check out the tutorials on this site or the ones at Do a handful of them, get Actionscript the Definitive Guide by Colin Moock. After that, you should have some understanding of it - that’s how the more advanced actionscripters got where they are now.

It’s coming… It’s just really really hard to write these things. :slight_smile:

click on my sig to go to my site. Check out “Introduction to Flash 101”. It’s only a start… and it wont tell you a lot about action script, but it will give you the basics. I’m working on more pages as the days progress.