Is it ok?

is my footer kirupa forum-friendly?

sort of childish…

But none of my biz.


better…i hope unflux likes it :mu:

Are you purposely trying to be difficult? I’m pretty sure UNFLUX will not like it.

sorry if i offend anyone, but this footer adheres to footer guidelines, therefore i will keep it.

It would be better for you to change your footer to something that probably won’t annoy another member :slight_smile:

I don’t think your footer does follow the guidelines. Guidelines, at least on these forums, leave out common sense things because the mods and I think that members are mature enough to not be treated like kids.

If you find your footer/avatar changed, you know why :stuck_out_tongue:

ok, ill change it! :mu:

Awesome - thanks :slight_smile:

better now? :cool:

Are you trying to get banned?

ethanM, no. I am not, when i say 9 inch wonder, i am talking about something other than human anatomy :cool:

But you obviously realize it reads that way. You’re pushing peoples buttons… hopefully a mod doesn’t push the ban member one.

what are you referring to in that case?

the toy i made in shop class! :cool:

{its this wooden penguin with wheels, and when you push it, these little hands move…its really neat!}

ok, unflucks is bad. 9-inch wonder is bad. is got flash bad too?

That works.

I’m no mod, but I’ll give you my opinion. Your attitude isn’t great and testing the mods limits isn’t a smart thing to do. This forum is a great place, hopefully you’ll stick around for a while and enjoy it.

i wanted something risky, but not against the rules…so i went to the test forum…i thought i could test some of my ideas, but they all seem bad :frowning:

Stick with what you have now. Move away slowly and don’t mess with it again! If I do hear another legitmate complaint about your footer/avatar, you won’t like what will happen to you :evil:

is there a way to show it to u, so u can approve it…without any other mods seeing it?