Is it possible "table over the another table?"

hello guys. . .

im wonderin is it possible to make a table over to the other table. .

because first i put my layout in the table. . . and i want to put some txt on it. . . but the problem is . . i dont know how to put txt over the images :frowning:

here’s my site . . i only used layer to make a txt over the images but when i changed my resolution layer is not gud on it right? soo it messed my site. .

do u guys any idea???

use classes, scroll down, i provided an example

sorry but i dont understand :frowning: do u have any idea beside that?

nope, read about layers and css. can’t realy tell you more than whats in the thread. if u’d like post your files

dont do it. simple.


seriously, layers are a pain and rarely work how they are intended on multiple browsers. Learn to use tables, CSS and javascript. It is poosible to hide and show tables/rows/cells with javascript.

Otherwise just try swap image javascript from dreamweaver.

Bit hard to suggest solutions with such little info.