Tables, Layers and Divs...Oh my!

Good Morning To All :slight_smile:

I’ve recently started using more of CSS to do simple text formatting. Works great. Now I’m kicking it up a notch by using Layers and Div instead of tables.


I have an image on a splash page thats 900x400. Should I just stick with a table and insert my image or should I use a layer…or div? Right now it is in a layer.

Second Question:

A lot of the image is just white background. I already have CSS for the body and I know I can use CSS to make the background white, but I want the table (or layer/div) to stretch the length of the window without me having to make my image over 900 pixels or so becuase then I run into that annoying issue of a horizontal bar and nobody likes those.

Any ideas?

You can see what I have here.

Thanks! :slight_smile: