Is it possible to be lazy? Remove frames?

Okay to save time, I broke one file into four smaller ones. I simply copied the orginal file and then deleted the unneeded layers out of the files.

Is there any way to delete the begining frames of a layer? Or do I have drag the begining point and then realign all the rest of the timing?

For example … one movie now starts at frame 30 instead of frame 1, is there a quick way to just delete frames 1-30, instead of moving the starting point of 30 to frame 1?

Thanks for your help,

align the red frame marker at the pint you want to delete
click once on the red frame marker to focus it
press shift+f5 until you get what you want
You can also add frames this way by pressing f5


Thank you! I KNEW there had to be an easy way to do it.

What a time saver,