Is kazaa getting weird?

I tried to download a couple of songs yesterday, and after I downloaded them, I found that it was just empty files. Has this happened to you?


I dunno if its anything to do with Kazaa, might just be some people with blank files. They don’t check them or anything :slight_smile:

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Its definitely how the .mp3 was made.

I have run into this a few times…

I like to click “preview/play” just to see if its actually the song I am looking for while its downloading.

Kazaa is cool how it creates temp files instead of saving the actual .mp3, and if you stop the download it will remove the temp file.

I always take advantage of that and download 2-3 versions of a song at the same time, and then cancel out the ones that are downloading too slow for an impatient person like myself :slight_smile:

I’m still mourning the day that Audiogalaxy got the boot… I never had any problems with that site whatsoever.

well… I never had that problem before. I think the Recording companies are starting to stick in blank files in the network… If a new album comes out, and all the mp3s on kazaa are blank, people might get discouraged from downloading.

yeah, they’ve been doing that, they also put files which have the first 30 seconds or so then are blank for the rest, so if you preview it, you still think you’re getting the song.

…and then they might actually hafta pay for their Music! :gasp:

what you can do in kazaa is check the integrity of files, if a file is rated ‘excellent’ chances are 99.999% that your mp3 is not a dub…

They can do whatever they want, but untill they stop charging $15 or more for a CD that cost less than three cents to manufacture print and ship then there will always be a medium to rip the music.

The only time I would ever consider purchasing a CD is if I really really like the band and will like it no matter what. Plus I think they deserve the royalties from the sale.

If I dig one tune on the radio I am not going to gamble $15 for a disc that will probably have 1-2 listenable songs on the CD.

On the flipside there are a few companies that will let you purchase “Tokens” to download from lists of thier selected music on thier websites. I believe apple just launched something like that. If you paying a buck a song and download 15 songs you like at CD quality, it make allot more sense than paying that for a whole CD that just bites.

The downside to those services though is the selection, you only get the “popular” songs and get nowhere near the diveristy of a file swapping service.

I rename my songs to other names, so when people download them they think they’re getting a different song, mwhaha :bad:

I’m funny :thumb:

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you know what, ive actually found a few good tunes thank to netscape radio and actually bought the cds, internet helped me find good music, not rip off cds

lavaboy, if they’re new songs… it might not be kazaa… the record companies are getting so angry that they flood p2p networks with duds (simple loops) and blanks so that all the users download those instead of the actual tracks, making real ones harder to find.

it takes 20 bucks to paint a picture, but they sell for thousands… are you sayin stuff should only sell for as much as it cost to manufacture?

your talking apples and oranges 28

A painting is a single item.

You dont mass produce original paintings, and when you do they are sold for a buck or two more than cost.

a single CD sale’s margin is 400%!

Its sick. Now if you are okay with spending that much loot for a single disc than more power to you. I know I am not.

Alright i see where your coming from…
but I still feel that they deserve money because we are gettin entertainment out of them, and they need to make a living.
Maybe it should only be like 10 bucks or something…
I dunno, wierd topic

It is a wierd topic.

But I find it disgusting that the record labels are getting more then three times the profit than the artists themselves. Should it not be the other way around?

oh, I wasn’t aware that the record label keeps the majority of the profits… thats crap.
Stupid record labels.

From what i’ve heard Kazaa is run by an Australian company which is going through the same as Napster went through… Won’t be long before it’s gone too…

Fester, I agree with you… The record companies here take alot more than most people think. A friend of mine has just released their 2nd CD and are still paying for the recording of the first… You have to sell a hell of a lot of records to make a profit here in Australia…

Also, why does the forum frown apon pirated software, but will provide links for music??


There’s a difference between profit and percentage of CD sales though…

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**It is a wierd topic.

But I find it disgusting that the record labels are getting more then three times the profit than the artists themselves. Should it not be the other way around? **