Is Raydred a Vampire?

Am i a vampire? Maybe a ghoul?

Some have suggested that i am a vampire because of these theories made by Mak:

me thinks its all a scheme because that shirt and background and glasses seem too suspicious…me thinks Ray is a Vampire! GASP! How did one come to a conclusion such as this?
Well, Ray prowls the boards **only at night[b/] .
The background itself seems like a ploy to keep us from thinking Ray actually goes in the sun! Look at how pale that skin is!
Third…whats with those GLASSES? Obviously to cover the bloodshot red eyes lusting for human blood.
Ray doesn’t like garlic(i think)
Ray’s image doesnt appear in mirrors(i think)
Ray fears silver…otherwise he would have had a HUGE draping silver necklace hanging around his neck!

So, there you go and now all of you know that Ray is indeed a vampire. lets treat him with respect and love even though at any time he may drink our blood!

Well i have made a poll, and let you guys decide and see how close we come hehe =)

I voted “An american spy dressed as a vampire computer nerd who seeks out ghouls and werewolfs for his new hit show, ‘happy camper’?”

It is the obvious choice of course.

as did I…

Come on guys we need more votes than that! =) hehe

Well so far no one thinks your a werewolf :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats good! i dont want to be working at night on a full moon and then change… geeze, how could i type with werewolf claws? lol

Ahh come on people! is that it? Come on vote, i need to know! lol =)

:cyclops: Another theory could be he is a :cyclops: <----hence the glasses to cover the single eye!

Mak what the hell are you talking about! u nut

No, it can’t be that, because the eye is in the center of his head, and the glasses don’t cover the center of his head.


Thats what he wants to you to believe…He is one of the mutated cyclops as his eye is a little to the right…so he looks normal but he is NOT. anyways, :cool: <— much too suspicious :pirate: <—would be like him…

on the other hand…maybe he is just a :nerd::slight_smile: =)

edit: i was wrong its too the left!

Yea check this out…who knows WHAT he is!

<img src = “”>

Any thoughts?

AK! How did you find that pic of me???

Oh right… i showed it to ya lol