Is there anyone who can help?

I have a few problems, PLEASE can someone help, half my hair has already been pulled out of my head :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. I have created a link in my flash movie. It is a piece of text which i have converted to a button. I need to know how to apply the mouse over change [so it turns another colour when mouse over] and how to apply a url destination to it.

  2. How can i loop for example an animation between frame a and b continuously?

If anyone needs to, i can upload my .fla

Many Thanks,


Alucard, welcome to the board. Please venture over to the tutorial section. All your answer lie there, and you will surely pick up some other cool knowledge. If you get stuck with a tutorial, please post again and we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you friend!

I have read and searched and read and searched! I have a site made entirely in flash, but i am unable to do two things. I am very new to Flash, but pick things up fairly quickly. However i am stuck on the below

  1. How to make one layer “permanent” troughout the whole movie.

  2. How to play an animation which lasts 10 frames over and over again with the background staying “permanent”.

I know this a pain to answer, when you find all this babyish, but i really need help (-:

Those two things are halting my whole day and night!

What i mean is, after the timeline runs out…the movie starts again…but i want the background to stay static, whilst a foreground animation is infinitely playing.

I know this is possible, i just don’t know how!

Also, is it possible to embedd swish files in flashmx?

okay, well… most people starting out tend to create all of their movies on the main timeline. That would make things difficult for you. Try this (as an example)

Start by creating a new movie clip, as in insert mc…create a 10 frame animation. When you’re done, you will have a clip that plays itself over and over again, even though in the main timeline it will only cover 1 frame. This will solve your first problem.
if you have another layer that contains your background, the mc you created will play indefinitely, and your background will remain intact.

good luck.

if you need an example, let me know, but… try it first, it’s not difficult.

Ha! You are a genius :smiley:

Thank you! It all works now :slight_smile:

Now i need to do is set it so that the whole movie doesn’t revert back to the beginning <:}

Okay…i think that flash automatically loops it’s movies right?

Where do i implement the [stop] active script command ?(assuming that is the correct action!!!)

So now, my whole movie plays, everything is fine…all i need it to do is “freeze” at the end :S

I have to say, this is the best forum for flash i have been to (many)

Don’t worry i got it!!!